Healing young minds in conflict

Formerly known as Luna Children’s Charity


Millions of children have lives shattered by conflict, violence and natural disasters. Many will go on to develop psychological trauma,
forced to relive the worst moments of their lives again and again and again.
It makes a normal life impossible.

ACT International provides communities with the tools and training needed to treat traumatised children. You can’t change what happened, you can change what happens next.


The Problem

There is no specialist help for most of the thousands of children and young people traumatised by conflict, violence and disaster across the world. Overwhelmed by what they have experienced, without treatment many of these children will not get better.

Today's damaged children may become tomorrow's damaged adults, impacting their families and communities.

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How we help

ACT International trains and supports local people and NGO staff, giving them the skills to treat children and young people traumatised by conflict, violence and disaster.

Our programmes transform children's lives, giving them and their families a fresh start for a brighter future.

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Our Impact

ACT International’s work has transformed the lives of thousands of children, many of who are refugees fleeing conflict and disaster. Through our training we have helped former child soldiers, victims of genocide, war, abuse, accidents and disasters.

Our projects focus on trauma training and we specialise in teaching ‘Childrens Accelerated Trauma Technique’ (CATT). Most of the people we work with have limited resources and are in communities coping with the consequences of war and violence. Our cascade model, training local people to help children in their communities, means our work is cost effective and sustainable.

We can’t change what has happened to these children, but we can change what happens next. By healing young minds we give them another chance at life.



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You can’t change what happened but you can change what happens next. Support our work to traumatised children.

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